HemoShear’s exclusive partners are accelerating their drug discovery initiatives by leveraging our REVEAL-Tx™ disease modeling platform to identify and validate novel approaches to diseases.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
Fibrotic Liver Diseases, Rare Liver Disease

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has an exclusive partnership with HemoShear, which has generated several novel therapeutic drug targets for liver diseases, including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)/fibrosis. These targets were shown to inhibit biological processes associated with inflammation and fibrosis that can lead to NASH, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Analysis using REVEAL-Tx™ suggests that inhibition of these novel biological targets demonstrate disease responses that are superior to established mechanisms of fibrosis currently being targeted by other companies in clinical trials. Under the agreement, HemoShear is eligible to receive milestone payments of potentially $470 million plus royalties, and Takeda will receive the right to license and commercialize any therapeutic that results from the partnership. More information can be found in the press release here.

HemoShear is also developing a new human tissue-based model of a rare liver disease using the company’s REVEAL-Tx™ Platform. This partnership will enable Takeda to interrogate their drug targets in the genetic background of human disease and accelerate the selection of lead candidates. “This new collaboration gives us the opportunity to build on [NASH] momentum and expand the reach of our combined expertise to a challenging, severe rare liver disease of high unmet need,” said Gareth Hicks, Ph.D., GI Drug Discovery Unit Head at Takeda.  More information can be found in the press release here.

Horizon Therapeutics

Horizon Therapeutics

Horizon Therapeutics has entered into an exclusive collaboration with HemoShear to discover new drugs for gout. The partnership combines HemoShear’s REVEAL-Tx™ platform and drug discovery capabilities with Horizon’s rheumatology development and commercialization expertise. Under the terms of the agreement, HemoShear will receive upfront payments and R&D funding, and Horizon will receive exclusive access to the company’s platform to discover new therapeutics for gout. Successful development and commercialization of multiple therapies by Horizon will make HemoShear eligible to receive milestone payments of potentially more than $500 million plus royalties. More information can be found in the press release here.

Partnering with HemoShear

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