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HemoShear Therapeutics is a clinical stage company developing new treatments for patients with rare metabolic disorders. We apply our deep understanding of complex diseases to discover breakthrough treatments for our proprietary pipeline.  We also partner with biopharma companies to accelerate their drug discovery and development programs in liver diseases, gout and metabolic disorders. We are implementing a new vision for how advanced biological systems can yield new insights that improve health and quality of life for patients in need.

Developing Treatments for Rare Diseases

HemoShear is developing novel drug treatments to extend and improve the quality of life of patients with rare metabolic diseases. The company is conducting a phase 2 clinical trial of HST5040, an oral small molecule drug for the treatment of patients with methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) and propionic acidemia (PA). These genetic disorders are caused by deficiencies of certain metabolic enzymes that lead to the rapid buildup of life-threatening toxins. Using our transformational disease models, our scientists are identifying and validating promising approaches to combat several inborn errors of metabolism.


The HemoShear Advantage

The biopharmaceutical industry’s drug development success is impeded by a lack of physiological models that reflect the complexity of disease. HemoShear’s proprietary REVEAL-Tx™ platform combines biological and computational models of human disease to accelerate discovery of novel targets and successful new drug treatments.

Advanced Disease ModelsAdvanced Disease Models Computational InsightComputational Insight Accelerated DiscoveryAccelerated Discovery
Advanced Disease Models

We have developed transformational physiological models of human diseases by applying principles of physiological blood flow to tissue from patients to recapitulate their disease. Our models enable valuable insights into complex disease pathways and drug responses in a more meaningful human-relevant context.

Computational Insight

We leverage powerful computational science to extract signaling pathways from our disease models and identify novel therapeutic targets for treating diseases. We then assess our computational target hypotheses in our biological disease models.

Accelerated Discovery

The REVEAL-Tx™ platform enables HemoShear and our partners to gain unprecedented insight into the underlying mechanisms of disease, rapidly translate those discoveries into drug candidates, and reduce risk of failure by reliably assessing which drug candidates will be safer and more effectively treat patients.

Transformative Partnerships

We leverage our REVEAL-Tx™ disease modeling platform for our proprietary drug discovery programs and for exclusive collaborations with partners who want to accelerate their drug discovery initiatives. 

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
Fibrotic Liver Diseases
Horizon Therapeutics

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July 28th, 2020

HemoShear Therapeutics Receives FDA Fast Track and Rare Pediatric Disease Designations for HST5040 to Treat Methylmalonic Acidemia and Propionic Acidemia

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July 9th, 2020

HemoShear Therapeutics Achieves Milestone in Exclusive Drug Discovery Collaboration with Horizon Therapeutics in Gout

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June 24th, 2020

HemoShear Therapeutics Receives FDA Clearance of IND for Phase 2 Study of its Investigational Drug HST5040 for the Treatment of Methylmalonic Acidemia and Propionic Acidemia

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June 4th, 2020

Shear Insights: Journal Publishes HemoShear Models for Rare Metabolic Diseases

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November 14th, 2019

Shear Insights: HemoShear Therapeutics Engages with European Metabolic Disease Consortium

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September 25th, 2019

HemoShear Therapeutics Appoints Brian A. Johns, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

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