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HemoShear Therapeutics is developing novel treatments for patients with rare diseases. We are implementing a new vision for how advanced biological and computational models can accelerate the discovery of innovative therapies to change the course of disease.

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Developing Treatments for Rare Diseases

In our most advanced program, the company is initiating IND-enabling studies with HST28468, novel approach for the treatment of cholestasis disorders and hepatitis D.  Cholestasis disorders are caused by the toxic buildup of bile acids in the liver that can lead to a range of complications and health issues, including liver damage that can lead to liver transplant, malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and discomfort from symptoms like itching and jaundice. 


The HemoShear Advantage

HemoShear’s REVEAL-TxTM drug discovery platform combines the power of biological and computational human disease models to gain deep insights into disease drivers, uncover novel targets and translate these discoveries into promising drug candidates.

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Tissue Procurement Network

HemoShear has built an extensive network for obtaining explanted healthy and diseased tissue under IRB-approved protocols for our drug discovery research. We partner with leading transplant centers within the organ donor system in real time to obtain tissue for targeted rare diseases. Our scientists isolate viable cells that are utilized for understanding and recapitulating diseases in our proprietary disease modeling system.

Computational Biology

We leverage powerful computational techniques to incorporate data from our disease models and other sources to identify novel therapeutic targets. We then validate the computationally predicted targets in our disease models.

Scientific Expertise

The HemoShear drug discovery team is comprised of more than 30 scientists. These experts apply their years of experience across biology, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, computational science, and medicinal chemistry to validate targets and characterize biological mechanisms to ultimately design and optimize drug candidates to move rapidly into the clinic.

Human Disease Models

We have developed translational models of human diseases by applying principles of physiological blood flow to human tissue obtained through our procurement network to recapitulate diseases for our programs. Our models enable valuable insights into complex disease pathways and allow for interrogation of drug responses in a more meaningful human-relevant context.

Successful Partnerships

The REVEAL-Tx™ drug discovery platform has been integral to our success in identifying and validating novel drug targets for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and gout through collaborations with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and Horizon Therapeutics, respectively.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
Fibrotic Liver Diseases, Rare Liver Disease
Horizon Therapeutics

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